T25 Calories Burned Calculator

T25 Calories Burned Calculator

How many T25 calories burned in your workout?

T25 is an intense workout system designed for those who have limited time. It promises to deliver an hour’s worth of results in only 25 minutes. Research has shown that very often the majority of the results from a workout come in the first 25 to 30 minutes. This programme is hard work but rewarding if you stick with it.

One of the top questions people ask when they start using the T25 workouts is “How many T25 calories burned doing this?”

Many resources will give you average calories burned during a workout – but is that what YOU are burning?

On forums you can see how many T25 calories burned by various people for different workouts. And if you are the same weight as them and working out to the same intensity for the same length of time then that will answer your question – but what if your weight is completely different or they do not say how hard they were working, or for how long?

Everyone is different so you have to factor in your weight, how hard you work, how long the activity and what the activity itself consists of. The most accurate way to measure T25 calories burned is to use a heart rate monitor, however if you don’t have a heart rate monitor the T25 calories calculator estimates the calories burned, based on average metabolic rates per intensity.

How do I know the intensity of my workout?

To select the appropriate T25 work out intensity:

  • Low: You could sing while doing your T25 workout
  • Mid: You could talk while doing your T25 workout
  • High: You are out of breath and could not talk while doing your T25 workout

Calculate your T25 calories burned

Below is a simple to use calculator: if you fill in the information required you can find out how many calories YOU have burned. T25 is designed to last for 25 minutes each workout so the minutes are set to 25 by default. If YOU have chosen to workout for longer or shorter than that or have chosen to do two back to back workouts just put in the number of minutes you actually spent.

T25 Calories Burned Calculator